Publications & Productions

  • I wrote four articles on anxiety for “California Therapist Magazine” on the anxiety Marriage & Family Therapists experience when taking their oral and written exams for licensure. These articles were later used as readings by a teacher for a class at Stanford.
  • Co-authored with Rosemary Sweatland, Master’s in Early Childhood Education, a behavioral management packet on techniques to manage the behavior problems of developmentally disabled children. The packet was written under the auspices of an HEW grant and later revised by committee to address the needs of the severely handicapped.
  • Assisted Dr. Tom Froehle to institute an interdisciplinary course on developmental disabilities at Indiana University.
  • Co-produced and co-authored “A Family Experience,” a slidetape orientation for families participating in weekends where the families of developmentally disabled children would have experiences designed to enhance communication and behavior management skills.
  • Co-produced and co-authored the slidetape, “An Orientation to Group Home Programming,” about group homes being part of a movement to deinstitutionalize developmentally disabled people.