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As the Director of Clinical Services at a Mental Health HMO, I was asked by the head office of a prominent motion picture & television studio if Mr. Fatula could be added to our provider panel due to his expertise. This request did not surprise me and was one I readily granted because I was already aware of Mr. Fatula’s training, experience, and compassion. When asked for referrals, I gave three names, but always included Mr. Fatula when the presenting issues and geographical location were a match.
Katherine Reuter | PhD., psychologist
I’ve been a friend of Mike’s for five decades and witnessed first hand how how hard he works and how dedicated he is to his patients. He is constantly involved in new studies and learning new techniques. Mike’s fastidious care and compassion makes Lisa Simpson look like a slacker. If Mike could sit down with Bart and Homer, the dysfunctional family would disappear and we’d have no show.
Frank Mula | Producer "The Simpsons"
I have known, worked with and at one point supervised Mike Fatula. He has always been an excellent clinician and a caring therapist. His creativity enables him to have a broader perspective on helping people heal. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Fatula to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, experienced therapist.
Regine Feldman | MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Board Diplomate
I was lucky enough to train with as a therapist alongside Mike Fatula for 3 years, and can confidently say that he possesses the skill and the natural ability to truly help clients/patients. Mike takes an active yet sensitive therapist role and helps his clients/patients move to a position of healing and health. He has many years of experience as a therapist, and is constantly striving to improve his work. I look forward to continuing to learn and train with Mike in the future.
Hannah Roggenkamp | MD, psychiatrist
I have known Mike Fatula from the beginning of both of our professional careers in the mental health field. Mike is a respected clinician who engages with others in a direct, encouraging, and caring manner. His witty humor is appreciated by colleagues and his supportive, insightful approach is appreciated by clients. I heartily recommend him as an excellent therapist.
Carol Linnell, MSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Mike Fatula is an outstanding Marriage & Family Therapist. He is a perpetual student– always looking for new ways to improve his work and positively impact his clients. He takes a holistic approach to therapy, coordinating service with other providers, such as psychiatrists, when relevant. And he is particularly effective in helping people in show business with their unique career and personal challenges. His maturity and kindness make him a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him.
Jan Jorden, MA | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I have known Mike Fatula for the past 28 years, as a colleague and a friend. He has always been a dedicated therapist to his clients. Mike is constantly improving his skills and provides his clients with the best therapeutic care to achieve positive results. He knows how to engage his clients to help them develop healthy relationships.

A large part of Mike’s private practice has been working with clients who have managed care insurance. His organizational skills have helped him negotiate the large volume of paperwork required by managed care. He also employs a billing service and an assistant, so he can devote most of his time to doing therapy. I am returning to private practice and have consulted with Mike on managed care.

Frank Sermier, MA | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Responsibility and creativity aren’t often found in the same individual. Mike is one of the most creative and responsible students I have ever worked with in the university system.
Dr. Tom Froehle | Ph.D., Professor at Indiana University where Mike earned his MS (1976) and BA (1972) degrees. Mike was Dr. Froehle’s graduate assistant.
*Testimonials are from colleagues and friends. Therapists don’t typically include testimonials from current or past clients.