Why Do We Couple?

Certainly, we couple for the purpose of procreation; out of romantic love; for protection; to feel a sense of family; for financial and emotional security; for companionship; and out of sexual attraction. But it may be that we also couple to learn something from one another, This possibility is posited in the monograph article “The …

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The “What If” Question: Is It Obsessive or Creative?

The “What if?” question is the question that people who are creative and people who are obsessive ask—just in different directions… Creative people, such as writers, ask “What if?” but the question can go in positive and negative directions.   For example, even in a clichéd version of a romantic comedy, the screenwriter might ask …

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How can I stop putting off doing something about it?

Begin by asking yourself, “Who am I rebelling against?” Is there a particular authority figure in your current life? Linked to them, is there a caretaker/authority figure from your childhood? A parent, coach, or teacher whom you experienced as a taskmaster…

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What lurks underneath it can actually be causing it!

Anxiety and depression are the two most common symptoms people who come to psychotherapy say they are coming to treat. Anxiety can take many forms including muscle tightness; heart palpitations; and shallow, rapid breathing. It can affect balance, thinking, and memory. It can exacerbate physical health conditions such as migraines, acid reflux…

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3 behavioral tips to stop procrastinating

The way to stop procrastinating is to challenge the faulty beliefs that make up your own unique brand of perfectionism. Realize who the beliefs came from in childhood or young adulthood (from whom did you experience a message you had to be perfect…

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